I was born on the 6th of July 1947 in Almelo. My father, G.J.N. Hoogland was making a living as an art smith. His art smithy has existed until 1966 in Almelo and was located at the "Houtstek", a well known spot situated on "de Schans" in Almelo. Ever since I was a small child I was confronted with the craft art of my father. Everything my father forged he first designed on a paper. I can remember very well that on my father's workbench, always a lot of designs of curls of railings and clocks were scattered about. At a small local museum in Almelo, located on the "Korte Prinsenstraat", their is still hanging a laurel-wreath with a royal symbol in it, forged by my father. This work is dated from 1937 and was a gift from art smiths Hoogland and Nobbenhuis to the community of Almelo on the occasion of the birth of princes Beatrix.

When I was a child, my parents always had a lot of artists about the place and when I was playing and water-painting, it often occurred that my father or another artist who just stepped by corrected me. In fine, I have sucked art in with my mothers milk. I was very young when they started to teach me to look at nature and notice the details. Also the materials which they worked with, made that I became lots of respect for the crafts you can make with it. Because you don't make a lot of money by being an art smith, in a material way, my father advised me and my brothers to look for a job as an official. You could just as well call the advising of my father "pushing" because he always said: "You better make your money with a clean collar than with an overall". So that's what happened. My youngest brother Wim, born on the 29th of December 1939, finally became tax official and my oldest brother Gerrit finally worked for the regular army.

My both brothers are fine drawers. Gerrit made a lot of reliefs in his spare time. My interest for expression remained. In the roaring sixties, the flower power age, I was working as a tax official in Almelo. In this period I raised a band existing from guys of my own age all working at the tax collector's office. This band, in which I played the guitar and base, has existed for a couple of years with the name "The Creations". Because of the fact that I've never been a person to be a tax official, I applied for several jobs and I finally ended up as a police-man. Since 1970 I've worked for the police until my pensioning at 1 July 2005.

Because I needed to do something expressive, I started painting in my spare time. I got into the use of oil-paint, a material that was, at that time, completely unknown to me. Several Classics, Rembrandt, Rubens, Ruysdael etc. were copied by me until I tried to make something original. Everything I had painted until then was made with hog's hair brushes and oil-painting with synthetic medium. As I started paintig more, I became more enthusiastic.

I got to know more local artists and got in contact with several academic schooled artists. Painters, drawers, bronze artists, glass artists etcetera. Craftwork kept my interest, so I started to use natural resins for my medium. Because of my visits to museums, the romantic painters caught my attention more and more. Work of the painters B.C Koekkoek, A.Schelfhout,F.M. Kruseman, L.J. Kleijn, W.Bodeman, I found brilliant especially Barend Koekkoek and I still think he is great.

Because I had chosen for the police, I had only my spare time left for painting. From a 40 hour working week, it went to a 38 hour one and after that to a 36 hour working week. I got more and more spare time, and you might think that I started painting more and more. It's a pity, my oeuvre is growing, but very slowly.

I didn't make a picture of every painting I've made. What you can see in the gallery is just a small part of my paintings.

Until my departure from the police I was working for the local vice squad of the police Twente as a prostitution controller. The objective of this work was to combat human trafficking and to avert minors from the prostitution. I have very good memories about this job and I'll think back at this time with appropriate pried and gratitude.

Prostitutioncontroller/Painter. During my career as a police-officer I once thought that I might be able to escape from reality by painting and so creating my own world. A world without mess, trampled down coca cola cans, plastic shopping-bags, etcetera. And so that is the reason why I idealize the surroundings in my paintings and don't even show men in my paintings. I had to be a realist for my work as a policeman but as a painter I am besides a realist a dreamer and I hope I will always stay a dreamer. To make clear what I mean I refer to John Lennon's song "Imagine".